Recycle Depot
230 Van Wagner Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
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Monday-Friday  9:00am-4:30pm


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About Us

          We are a local, family owned Hudson Valley Business.  Joe (Peppy) and Rita Trocino were raised in Poughkeepsie and continue to raise and educate their children and now their grandchildren right here in our Hudson Valley. After three decades in the construction business as a redi-mix concrete producer, pouring foundations in our community the Trocinos were convinced that there was a better way, more environmental and economical way to dispose of the material(s).  Their vision paid off after years of planning and investment to develop the processing located on Van Wagner facility which is now Recycle Depot. Recycle Depot  serves as an oasis in a region sorely in need of viable alternatives to landfills and recycling options.  Prior to opening the NYS DEC Permitted Construction and Demolition Processing facility, local construction companies were faced with the much higher costs of disposal with no real convenient local recycling options.  The construction and demolition could be taken in but as co-mingled debris. There is a major distinction between a transfer station and a PROCESSING FACILITY. The transfer station just redirects debris from point A to point B.  The processing facility takes action to sort the sustainable product from the waste stream.   At Recycle Depot , the debris is sorted and processed into reusable materials such as landscaping mulch, topsoil, and clean fill.  Recycle Depot  also provides the service of sending cardboard and metals to other recycling centers for reprocessing.
          With each year that goes by, Recycle Depot  innovates and looks ahead to new opportunities to change the landscape and bring new ideas and innovation to our community.  After a profitable year of renting the Diamond Z Grinder in 2010, in 2011 Recycle Depot  took the plunge and purchased the equipment.  In 2012 we purchased our own Rubble Master Crusher for the block, concrete, brick and asphalt.

          The communities Recycle Depot serves are as important to the Trocino Family as they are to our customers. The future of our local economy is important to all of us. Our goal is to work together. Our priority is to provide or customers with the necessary, dependable trash and recycling services you require while pricing those services fairly and competitively to our customers.
          Recycle Depot not only has the vision and hands on recycling but they are committed to educating and supporting their neighbors.  Offering solutions and guiding them through. Our processing facility is located in the Town of Poughkeepsie on Van Wagner Road. You’ll have a great view of the Recycle Depot  facility as you walk or ride the “RAIL TRAIL. Come see us!

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